01 Bass Caught At Lake Kurwongbah

Blistering Bass Takes Using Worms At Lake Kurwongbah!

Friday 10 May 2024

I can't quite believe it, but we appear to have already started fishing the 'winter patten' at Lake Kurwongbah?! Looking back through my videos, the change appears to be around two months earlier than last year which is a bit of a shocker...

I guess it's a combination of the terrible weather we've been having since Christmas in Southeast Queensland followed by the recent drop in temperature as we've begun moving into winter. Either way, the edge bites have pretty much dried up and that can mean only one thing: worms! Last year they proved to be an absolute blank saver and this year appears to be no different.

As today wasn't going to be a long session I headed straight up the lake to 'motorsport bay', pretty much the only location on the lake I've had semi consistent action in the last couple of sessions. There seems to be a channel in the weed that's been carved out by the ski boats and although it's only around 10 metres long and 3 metres wide, the fish seem to be happy to school up there.

This is were the sounder is an invaluable bit of kit as it allows you to 'see' were the weed starts and finishes along with showing the schools of fish. It didn't take long to find them, hugging the bottom in around 10 metres of water and true to form them were on the worms in seconds. The takes are blistering, the drop shot paternoster rig giving the most amazing hook holds in the top lip - it really is the best presentation for fishing directly down from the kayak.

As long as I could get a worm around the fish, my cheap-as-chips AliExpress bargain $40 telescopic rod and reel combo was screaming away with each fish buckling the rod right over (the tip is crazy soft, perfect for having a 'sleeper' rod out as it really absorbs the initial run).

What really surprised me though was I actually managed a couple of fish on a black soft plastic grub that I was casting around while waiting for the worm rod to roar off! It's the first time I've got fish on plastics at Kurwongbah so it was a bit of a bonus.

I left once the wind got up having had 7 or so fish with a couple lost which wasn't a bad result considering the conditions.