Bass Caught At Lake Kurwongbah

Lake Kurwongbah continues to be tough... But when it gets tough, break out the worms!

Sunday 5 May 2024

Something a bit different today, I fished the afternoon up at Lake kurwongbah. As with the last couple of months, it was tough going but I saved the dreaded blank with the worms! Absolute blank saver bait, the bass were on them in seconds 😉

After paddling up the lake I found a school of fish near the motorsport park and it was a fish a cast! The conditions were perfect for the drop shop with virtually no wind meaning for once I could keep the kayak pretty stationary. I just wish I'd had more worms with me or could get them to stay on the hook for longer... The ones I'm using are from our compost bin meaning they're very spidly (but clearly tasty!) and the moment they come into contact with any weed, they have a tendency to come off the hook.

Maybe some imitation ones are worth a try?!

The good news is that there doesn't seem to be as much weed around and there are channels forming which makes it easier to locate the fish. However they continue to be at the top end, I've literally not had a bite at the south end for weeks now...

Sadly the boat traffic was crazy, I guess to be expected on a long weekend. But do they have to come that close and buzz every bay?! I was the only damn kayaker on the whole water! You know they're close when you can spot what brand of beer they're drinking 😳

Apart from the relentlessly ski boat activity, it was a beaut arvo on the water with a handful of fish and a stunning sunset 👍