So many BIG fish! A 'red letter' winter lure fishing session at Lake Kurwongbah

Friday 8 September 2023

The winter pattern may have kicked in at Lake Kurwongbah but a spell of warm weather seemed to push the fish back to the edges - and what fish! I had some real monsters on this session, just amazing action from the off.

After a tough month of so fishing today felt very, very different. There was a bit of warm in the sun, for once there wasn't any wind and I was straight into some fish at the first spot I tried. 'Toga Point' has always been good to me and today was no different, with a couple of fish a piece on both the lure and worm rod. These winter fish are in such great condition, I'm guessing due to feeding up for winter and spawning and although the takes aren't as blistering as they are in the warmer months the weights are quite something.

I spent a good hour or so at toga point, working either side of the weed bed that comes out from the point and I was literally having the best time. But eventually the bites dried up so I decided to head up the lake to 'Fence Bay' and again, I was immediately into fish. This was quite something, getting this amount of action around the edges after so many weeks of having to fish deeper open water was just amazing.

Sadly the famous 'Kurwongbah wind' had kicked in so after a couple more smallish fish I decided to head up to 'Kangaroo Point' where a very strong breeze was blowing me rapidly from left to right. It was worth battling though as there were fish holding up in the bay and if I could get the kayak position right I could drift right across them and get multiple hits. It really is one of my favourite spots on the lake and I managed yet more decent sized bass.

This was turning out to be quite a session! After an hour or so battling the wind at 'Kangaroo Point' it was time to move on again. The plan was to paddle over to the bay in front of the big house and let the wind blow me slowly down the lake. I'd not had much from this spot so it was a real surprise when the lure ripped off on the 2nd cast!

That was the only bite from that spot and the wind rapidly pushed me down into a new spot around the corner from 'Stag Bay'. I managed a number of small bass from this new spot and learnt a thing or two about the area. Plenty of weed as normal for Kurwongbah but there were some great clear spots. Defo an area that requires more investigation...

Having so much consistent action in each spot had meant time was marching on so I decided to have one more go at 'Fence Bay' (which produced yet more fish!) and another go at 'Toga Point' (which also produced yet more fish!) before making my way back to the landing stage.

Just an amazing day on the water! I was made up, one of the best sessions so far at Lake Kurwongbah with a handful off big fish and loads of backup smaller ones - happy days.