Are the fish back around the edges at Lake Kurwongbah?! Winter bass fishing with lures and worms

Friday 1 September 2023

After suffering a blank last week at Lake Kurwongbah I was desperate to get out again and redeem myself...

I was blessed with lovely flat calm conditions this time which was a welcome relief as its been windy as all hell of late which makes kayak fishing a real challenge!

The day started well, with my first hit (but sadly not a fish...) on a soft plastic. I've been watching a lot of videos from Pukka1963 on YouTube and he's been cleaning up of late with plastics, namely the Gulp 'grubs' so it it was defo worth giving them a go. After that encouraging initial hit, I was really expecting some more action on the plastics but it was actually the worms and Rapal Rap-V blades that once again produced all the fish. I'll defo be returning to soft plastics sometime soon but it's hard to ignore such a winning combo.

I had to work hard for every bite and didn't score anything of any massive size but what amazed me was the amount of fish around the edges rather than out in deeper water. It's hard to believe, but maybe the winter pattern is over?!