Australian Bass Caught From Enoggera Reservoir

Crazy Windy Morning Bass Fishing at Enoggera Reservoir

Saturday 27 May 2023

So yesterday I'd gone fishing at Nudgee Beach as the weather man had predicted 40km+ winds... The winds didn't materialise and as the forecast for Saturday morning was sunny with 'light winds' I decided to head up to Enoggera Reservoir for a couple of hours to see if any bass were around.

And guess what? It was windy as all hell... Seriously, white tipped waves, the kayak being hurled around all over the place, casting virtually impossible and to top it all it was bloody freezing! Why oh why did I listen to the forecast?! Although I enjoyed my session Bream bashing at Nudgee yesterday the conditions would've been perfect for lure fishing on the res!

Although it was difficult I did manage one bass from a spot that rarely lets me down. I somehow managed a perfect cast, right on the edge of the lilies and as I muttered 'that cast deserves a fish' off it went. As normal no monster (there are some in Enoggera but they're few are far between) but as it was a blank saver, I wasn't complaining.

I spent 3 hours in total bobbing around before I called it - the wind was kinda ruining things for me so I headed home and wrote some blog posts! Not a bad way to start the weekend?!