Bream Caught At Nudgee Beach

Bream Bashing at Nudgee Beach

Friday 26 May 2023

So it was supposed to be crazy windy today... The weatherman predicted 40km+ winds from the early morning meaning that a kayak session up at Enoggera Reservoir wasn't on the cards (I didn't want to end up in the drink!). A quick look at the tide times revealed that it would be high tide at Nudgee Beach around 2pm so I decided to head out for a bit of bream bashing.

My plan was to get some jobs out of the way in the morning and then head to Nudgee to arrive around 10.30am and fish the incoming tide. As expected, there wasn't anyone fishing on the jetty as the water was too shallow but looking up the beach there appeared to be six or so anglers dotted along the water towards the river mouth...

Finding a spot was a little tricky but I managed to position myself between the groups of anglers and set about casting out. The plan was to have one rod static, fishing on the bottom with a simple sinker rig and baited with raw chicken soaked in soy sauce and garlic while I buzzed a lure around to see if I could locate any flathead.

I'd noticed on my walk down that nobody was catching anything which was a bit of a worry so it was a real surprise when the static rod busted off before I'd done the 2nd cast on the lure rod! Sadly this one came off (why am I always unprepared for the 1st bite?!) but I wasted no time in getting the rod out again and sure enough, after a minute or so in the water off it went - a nice size bream which are always a blast on light gear.

As is quite often the way at Nudgee it went quiet after that 1st fish so I kept moving up and down the bank eventually settling on a point at the river mouth. And then it was a case of rinse and repeat, landing around 5 or so quality bream over the next couple of hours.

I'd like to point out that at this time there was absolutely no wind.. In fact, it was probably the calmest wind free session I've ever done at Nudgee as even on a calm day, the wind is usually pretty strong. So much for the weather prediction?!

I spent the last 40 minutes or so at the end of the session fishing off the jetty as the tide had come in quite a bit by then and although I had tons of nibbles I only managed another 3 tiddlers for my effort.

So a nice couple of hours fishing! I've not been to Nudgee for a while now, mainly due to my current obsession with kayak fishing so it was great to get a bend in the rod somewhere different and show the locals how its done (I didn't see anyone else land a fish while I was there...). The really interesting thing for me was that although I'd gotten less bites that I usually do at the jetty, the fish were of a much bigger size and when the bites came, they really went for it. I think on the next session out I maybe trying the river mouth again...