Rapala Rap V Blade Lure Halloween

Setting Up Rapala Rap-V Blade Fishing Lures For Weedless Fishing

Thursday 16 March 2023

Most lures these days come loaded with either one or two treble hooks, the idea being to maximise your chances of a hook up. However, that's a lot of hooks... On the excellent Rapala Rap-V Blades we're talking 5 razor sharp barbed hooks which is a lot of sharp points when fishing in a kayak. That's also a lot of 'snagging up' potential when fishing tight to structure, especially lily pads. So this tutorial is how to set them up with just two hooks, making the lure as weedless as possible and safer to use on the water but without sacrificing your hook up rate.

So first up I'd like to give full credit to Peter Jung at @PTPFishing for teaching me this set up. He has an excellent video linked below where he talks about how he sets up his lures for weedless fishing from his kayak.

If you're looking for info on fishing from a kayak around the Brisbane area, his YouTube channel is well worth checking out. He's given me loads of advice and really helped me catch my first Australian Bass from Enoggera Reservoir.

So first things first, you're going to need some Rapala Rap-V Blade Fishing Lures. The best source I've found so far is the HookedOnline fishing store, either on eBay or via their website. The lures are currently $14.95 a pop including free shipping which is a bargain. The store is located at Jacobs Well so postage was super quick, I had my lures in a couple of days.

The good news is that they also sell the other kit you need, namely some size 4 circle hooks, some size 6 circle hooks and some size 2 split rings. Another item that's worth it's weight in gold is some split ring pliers, I picked some Jarvis Walker Pro Series ones from Anaconda‚Äč for all of $10.

Once you've got all your kit, it's a case of removing the double and treble hooks that come with the lure, fitting the split rings the top and base and then threading on the hooks.

The advice from Peter is to use a size 4 for the front hook and a size 6 for the back, reason being that the the front hook is the one that generally picks up the fish so it's worth upping the size.

The end result looks great! And it works too, it fishes really well when casting tight to the lily pads (I've lost count of the amount of times I thought I'd get snagged up and the lure just pulls through) and the hook up rate I've had when I've got a bite has been 100%.