The Clergyman's Track - Dirt Biking at the Glasshouse Mountains

Saturday 1 August 2020

We've been doing some excellent rides up at the Glasshouse Mountains recently with each session throwing up something new and unexpected.

Today was no exception! Apart from smashing through some great puddles and getting more confident on sand the highlight of the day was 'The Clergyman's Track'. I've no idea how Matt found his way back here, I'm guessing he had it plugged into the GPS but after winding through the forest we found ourselves at a fairly innocent looking right turn into the bush...

Which is where the fun and games began. This tiny winding track was excellent: at some points it was just wide enough to get the bike through, then you were winding through trees, then puddles, then getting around fallen trees... All slow work but so much fun.

And the reason for the track name? Well Matt and Luke bumped into a couple of riders some weeks back who showed them the track and they turned out to be ministers!

The other thing I've stated to use is the excellent Relive app on my phone. Set the app recording at the beginning of the ride and it'll follow your every move. Take some snaps along the way or shoot some video and when you're done, click finish and it'll build you a video along with the media you shot along the way and the stats of your ride (speed, elevation etc).

Pretty impressive stuff! It even allows you to export the data to a KLM file so you can load it into a GPS device or Google Maps and you can also explore the root on Google Earth via the website. Well worth checking out.