Blasting Through Puddles - Dirtbike Riding at the Glasshouse Mountains

Saturday 4 July 2020

After missing the last ride due to pulling a muscle in my calf while exercising (trying to get more 'bike fit' - watta mistake!) I was desperate to get out again before the two day trip planned for the end of July. Luckily for me we managed to sneak a ride in today up at the Glass House Mountains and it turned out to be pretty eventful...

It was a bit of a slow start - there were 6 riders today which can sometimes take a bit of getting going but we headed off around 9ish. The moment we transferred from the road to dirt I remembered I'd not aired down my tires so after a quick hop off bike to let some air out we disappeared into the forest.

Which is where things started getting interesting... Wyane's bike (anther DRZ400) started playing up, cutting out and being a pain to start. Then Ian disappeared down a hole and hit the dirt and Wayne, who was following behind, grabbed a handful of brake and also ended up eating the dirt, smashing his phone, left barkbuster and rear left indicator in the process...

So we set off again but it quickly became apparent that things really weren't going well: Wayne's bike eventually died and refused to start and it appeared that something wasn't good with Ian's wrist as it had started to swell and was pretty painful.

Eventually Matt towed Wayne back to the bitchumen and we had a bit of a conflab about what to do. In the end the broken DR was left at a random house we found. Ian rode out on the back of Steph's bike and Wayne drove Ian's Yamaha YZ450 back to the car park with the plan being to hire a trailer and come back to pick up the bike!

It was only 11am and we were down to 3 riders - Luke, Matt and myself. To be honest, I was all for writing it off and heading home but luckily Matt and Luke's resolve was better than mine and off we went again...

...and I'm so glad we did! The next 3 or so hours were fantastic fun, the highlight being Luke's shortcut: an completely overgrown track with fallen logs and other obstacles to get over, loads of fun.

The other thing I'd brought along on the ride was my GoPro. It's been sat in the camera bag since returning to Australia so I figured it was time to dust it off and give it a go. Although I shot about 20gb of footage only 5 minutes or so were usable! There's clearly a learning curve to shooting interesting footage on a dirt bike... I leant some lessons though, namely to wear the camera higher on my chest, point it up and only turn it on when something interesting is happening!