Are Tackle Shop Or Supermarket Baits Best For Pike?

Are Tackle Shop Or Supermarket Baits Best For Pike?

Monday 13 November 2017

It's a question I often ask myself, where's the best place to buy bait for pike fishing?

Up until now, I've relied heavily on supermarkets for my dead bait supplies but last week my freezer was empty meaning the only choice was to hit the tackle shop en route to the river...

The selection was great, as was the quality so I can't fault them there. However the price was a little more than I was expecting... My £5 got me two packs of sardines and with three in a pack, that's £0.83 a bait! Not to bad I hear you say but with a bait as soft as a sardine, you'll only get one or two casts max before it disintegrated so it can get quite expensive.

Luckily for me, Tesco had a good selection of fish in today so I decided to a price comparison. I bought eight sardines and the total cost was £1.68 which works out at a much more affordable £0.21 a bait which makes me a lot less precious about casting them out! I also picked up fifteen sprats which at £0.48 were a bargain.

Performance wise, I've never had any problems with supermarket baits and after my price comparison, I think that's what I'll be sticking with in the future!