A New PB From Festival Fishery!

Wednesday 12 April 2017

The 3rd and final venue in this years spring fishing trip and this was the big one... I first visited Festival Fishery down in Glastonbury back in late 2015 and although I only banked one fish in a 48 hour session, I promised myself I'd be back for another go.

This time I went armed with a plan: the advice I'd been given was to bait heavily and fish a rod tight to the reeds and a 2nd a rod length off the reeds on the far margin with a 3rd rod fishing as 'chuck it and see'. I was also going 'large', using 20mm custom boilies from Innate Baits and size 6 hooks (which still seem massive to me!).

And the plan paid off!

Massive thanks to Innate Baits, the custom 'signature' boilies really did the business.