24 Hours Pasty Bashing On Long Lake At Cokin Farm

Tuesday 11 April 2017

For the 2nd venue in my spring 2017 fishing trip I chose Long Lake at Cokin Farm.

Apologies for the wind noise, there was a bit of a breeze...

The session was pretty slow during the day so I took the opportunity to get my head down as I was shattered after a brilliant session at Todber Manor the night before.

So I baited up two spots, slept for most of the day and got the rods out on darkness. The action was relentless but the size of fish was pretty small... Loads of sub 10lb commons! By midnight I was dropping so I baited up once more, got the rods in, set an alarm for 7am and crashed out...

The wind had dropped early morning and I was rewarded with two bigger fish within 30 minutes of casting out! Baring in mind I only fished for probably 12 of the 24 hours, I had 12 or so fish and was fully rested for the next venue - not a bad stop gap?!

Once again, all the fish fell to my custom 'signature' boilies in either 14mm or 16mm. So as always, massive thanks to Innate Baits, the boilies really did the business.