A Couple Of Jack Pike From The Bristol Avon

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Tough session on the Bristol Avon over at Swineford... I got plagued by eel bites but eventually managed to get a couple of jack pike on the bank!

What wasn't good was the sheer amount or discarded fishing tackle and rubbish on the banks...

I filled a plastic bag with cans, drinks bottles, snack wrappers, plastic bags, luncheon meat cans, sweetcorn cans, about 20 metres of line, weights, hooks, jig heads... It was pretty disgusting.

And then i came across a bloody great knife! just chucked in the undergrowth. WTF?!

I know the river is used by people other than anglers but most of what I picked up today could only have been left by so called fishermen.

Please, please, please tidy up behind yourselves! Otherwise, you don't deserve to fish, simple as that. It's spoiling what is otherwise a fantastic stretch of river!