17 Carp In 2 Hours At Bitterwell Lake!

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Amazing session up at Bitterwell lake this evening - I managed to catch 17 carp in the space of 2ish hours! Oh, and one duck (thank you Karl Alden for helping me sort that one out...).

All but one fish fell to surface baits, namely chum mixers as freebees and a enterprise tackle mini mixer on the hook.

The first 5 five where all commons around 9 to 11lb and in tip top condition. The fish continued to feed even once it got dark with the last 3 fish coming in complete darkness (lost a couple too, nearly managed to make it to 20!).

Rio also managed to catch one for the camera ;)

So another excellent session up at Bitterwell - if you've not yet been, grab a bag of mixers and get up there!