Lilly-Grace at Lower Kilcott Farm

Lilly-Grace's 1st Fishing Trip

Saturday 8 March 2014

With the season coming to an end and great weather predicted for the weekend, I decided to take Lilly-Grace for her 1st fishing trip!

Dad and I have had a couple of sessions at Lower Kilcott Farm recently (Catching Goldfish At Lower Kilcott Farm, Carp Off The Surface... In January?!) with huge hauls of fish gracing the bank. It's a water stuffed full of very hungry carp between 1 and 10ish pounds so an ideal spot for an enthusiastic 5 year old.

She did incredibly well! Initially I set her up with a short 10ft rod with a float, my thinking being if she had something visual to watch, the boredom wouldn't creep in... This kinda worked, but I realised we were missing a lot of bites so we switched over to a really light feeder and off she went. As usual, if you get some feed going in and cast to the same area the fish literally hang themselves on the hook - meaning I was free to fish and all L-G had to do was grab the rod when the tip went round! She had loadsa fish and a great time.