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My Favourite Smodcasts

Thursday 19 April 2018

I've been relistening to the excellent Smodcast by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier and then revisiting my favourite ones. So I decided to put a list together, geeky I know but it gives me somewhere to go back to for inspiration.

This list'll grow as I go through them - there's some seriously funny shit!

116: Live Nude York - Recorded live, in front of people, at The Pullo Center, Penn State, York, PA. April 27, 2010.
The last part of the episode when they read from a previous smodcast but switch roles is spot on funny.

123: Live Nude Madison - Recorded live, in front of people, at the Majestic Theatre, Madison, WI. June 23, 2010.
I'm not into drugs but when Scott Mosier tells his cocaine story which is freekin hilarious...

253: It Trolls For Thee - In which our heroes detail The Great Letter War of 1987.
My go to if I can't think of a smod to listen to,

234: My Chemical Bromance - In which our hero has a play date with Gerard and Mikey Way.
235: 2 Way Street - In which Gerard and Mikey Way take us through Welcome to the Black Parade, line by line.
I lurve MYCHEM and listening to these 3 chat about The Black Parade is amazing.

237: Guy LaPointe Hunts the Maple Syrup Gang - In which our heroes butcher the French-Canadian accent.
This and episode 282 are some of the best Canadian humour.

263: Choe 'Nuff - In which we hear tales of art and comics and sex and Facebook. With Special Guest David Choe.
264: Yo, Choe! - In which all vices are explored to excess and we learn how boring our lives really are. With Special Guest artist and podcaster David Choe!
This dudes life is unreal...

282: True Tales of Canadian Heroism! In which our heroes take flight in the Gimli Glider with Maurice and Rob-Ob.
True story and funny as.

288: Yoga Hoser - In which our heroes give a football hooligan a two-legged judo kick in the chest.
Double whammy of a chat about Eric Cantona being French and doing judo kicks and Yoga Hoser impressions.

290: Mosier Gets Older - In which the Pope cusses on Hollywood's Biggest Night!
Skip all the Hollywood shizzle and jump straight to about 47 minutes in and listen to the swearing pope stuff cos it's funny as.

303: Game of Mos - In which our heroes learn that Pooey likes things that are nice (and talk about Game of Thrones)
I enjoy listening to this more than I enjoy watching Game Of Thrones