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My Favourite Smodcasts

Thursday 19 April 2018

This post isn't fishing related but what the hell... I've been relistening to the excellent Smodcast by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier over the last 3 months and then revisiting my favourite ones. So I decided to put a list together, geeky I know but it gives me somewhere to go back to for inspiration.

263: Choe 'Nuff - In which we hear tales of art and comics and sex and Facebook. With Special Guest David Choe.

264: Yo, Choe! - In which all vices are explored to excess and we learn how boring our lives really are. With Special Guest artist and podcaster David Choe!

288: Yoga Hoser - In which our heroes give a football hooligan a two-legged judo kick in the chest.

303: Game of MosIn which our heroes learn that Pooey likes things that are nice (and talk about Game of Thrones)