Monday, March 16, 2015

Why Is It So Hard To Get An Affordable Internet Connection?

I've just spent the last hour investigating internet alternatives to BT.

Can't get virgin cos they wont put the line in. All the others are ramming TV down ya throat (why do i wanna pay 50 quid for a glorified freeview box?!) and rely on a landline which'll be using the bt backbone (monopoly anyone?).

Their only play is to create immensely confusing pricing offer structures involving 6 months at that, 12 months at this, money off blar making it virtually impossible to work out how much the bloody service will actually cost.

And charging me £50 for an engineer to come round and 'configure my service' (unbox router, plug in router, allow router to run through auto set up, apply username/password, job done) is just daylight robbery.

Based on my calculations I'd save about £1.25 a month switching away from BT to someone like Talk Talk or plusnet. In other words, not worth the hassle and potential loss of service etc. etc. etc. due to all other services using the BT network.

Good golly this country is stuck in the dark ages - why the fudge do we need phone lines at 16 quid a month any more?!?!

It's all kinda demoralising and I'm fucked off with the whole thing and feel like a complete sell out as I'm going to sign up for another years worth of being screwed by British fucking telecom. Again.

(sound of beer opening)

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