Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Forest Of Chili's

Got more than we can eat! Any suggestions?!


  1. Fantastic Jake, fantastic. Mr Weeks has a v. good chopped chili, garlic and oil recipe. You could try chilli jam....

  2. Yup. Just chop em up, flash fry em (to get rid of botulism, apparently) and mix with coarsely chopped garlic. Put into jars and cover with nice olive oil (make sure they're completely covered). You can use the mixture as you like for cooking and it keeps for ages.

  3. Could also try chilli oil - great on pizzas and as a BBQ marinade/rub. So impressed, how did you beat the aphids?

  4. ah ha! chilli oil done and chilli and tomato chutney done ;)

    as for the aphids, not 100% sure... we moved house and they stayed at taringa!

    as did the possums (i think). the current problem here is caterpillars - they's on everything...