Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Great 3 Year Old Moment

So we went to lone pine yesterday (prob for the last time as our season passes are just about to run out and it's a bit of a hike from the new gaff...) and we watched the bird show - something we've not done before as we're never sure how L-G would go with the birds...

There were some barn owls and some snowy owls and some big raptors and Lil was very interested and excited. Then they brought out a barking owl (think massive staring yellow eyes...) and they had it flying very low over our heads, which Lil found very, very exciting (much squealing).

Then the handler said 'we're going to show you something very special now. It's the owls malting season and as their metabolism is very high, we have to feed them a lot. In fact, this owl can eat between 3 and 6 mice a day!'.

At which point she threw a whole white mouse in the air and the owl opened its beak and huge mouth and swallowed it in one gulp...

There was a stunned silence from L-G (who'd been playing with her cuddly mouse only that morning...). And then a little voice said:

I want it to eat another mouse! That was really cool!

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