Saturday, January 21, 2012

Looking Sweet On A Bicycle (Kinda) Made For Two!

Finally got the tool kit out and made a better go of fitting the bike seat this arvo... The 1st attempt made me nervous as the moment I put L-G in it, the front wheel came straight up off the ground!

After a quick trial run round the drive way, off we went to a couple of parks and on the cycle ways of Mitchelton. Darn good ;)


  1. Brill. But isn't it awkward getting your leg up and over when you're mounting -- makes you wish you had a girlie bike!

  2. Mr weeks, you are so right: there were several times that I nearly kicked Lil in the face as I swung my leg over and I did think... A girly bike would be better!

    But it would kinda cancel out my manly light bulb car activities?!