Thursday, January 13, 2011

floods and all that

hey ya'll,
sorry for the round robbin email, we've no power right now so we're round at a friends house writting emails.
brissy is a pretty mad place right now, most of it's flooded out. we've been incredibly lucky: we moved from our old place at dixon street in auchenflower to a new place in taringa last saturday. the floods hit on tuesday and the attached is dixon street on wednesday! the water was pretty much up to the bottom of our front door when i was round there at 12ish and high tide was 5pm ish - the rate that the water was rising, the flat itself would be under.
i went out on tuesday afternoon to take some pics in the rain and the road was slowly begining to flood. by wednesday morning it'd made it up to the t junction at the end of our road. fortuantly, we're on a steep hill and 3 floors up so there's no real fear of the flat itself flooding out. we got up to check at 3am as the high tide was at 4 and although the water had made it another meter up the road, it's still got a good 5 more meters to go until it gets to our drive.
pretty mad eh?!
we're still on our mobile phones (jake 04 3294 6912, sarah 04 3293 3684) but will keep them off for periods due to having no power. we're planning to stay put at taringa for the moment, pretty sure the water won't touch us now, it's just a case of how long we can live with cold showers!
thank you so much for all the messages of support we've been getting - scary times and we've been so lucky when people have lost so much.
while the power's off, the best place to check stuff is:
-my blog (when the phones working i can post pics here quite easily)
and facebook:
sarahs facebook is prob the best as we're more likely to post on that as it'll cover more people.
so we're all good, safe and sound and well above the water mark. we'll try and keep you posted on whats going on when we can and fingers crossed, the power will be back on soon.
in your in brissy, stay safe out there and thanks again for all your messages,
loadsa lov,
jake, sarah and lilly-grace
skype: jakewilliamson
mobile: 0432 946 912

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